A Pig's Ear
  A PIG'S EAR [Appalachian colloquialism]: A Southern delicacy served between two slices of white bread.  Symbolizes that not all is what it seems.
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Set in 1970s appalachia, a stubborn, elderly woman and her oppressed son treat two public health nurses to an unusual form of Southern hospitality.
Sue and Daisha, public health caseworkers, visit Buddy and Maude Lee, an isolated man and his elderly mother living in a remote mountain range in the rural South. The man warns Sue that she should not bring her intern Daisha, an African-American, to the house because his €œMa won'€™t like that. Despite the warning, Sue and Daisha both meet with Maude Lee, who is in a foul temper and refuses help. When Maude Lee observes Daisha following Sue's directions, however, she becomes honey sweet. Sue gets Maude Lee to agree to be examined and discovers that diabetes has ravished Maude Lee's body. Her feet are gangrenous.

Sue insists that Maude Lee go to the hospital. The old woman refuses, exclaiming that she was born and will die on the farm. Daisha offers to go with her. Sue hesitates, but agrees to let her go. Maude Lee lights up.  

Daisha and Sue help Maude Lee into the car. Sue is pleased with their progress until Buddy takes Sue aside and explains his mother's motivation.

Buddy says his mother was impressed that Sue somehow managed to keep a slave by calling her an intern. His mother now believes, he goes on, that she is the proud new owner of Daisha.

Speechless, Sue gets in the car. She glances back at the content Maude Lee and looks over at Daisha. Daisha returns a knowing smile. They drive off.

The Cast


Julie’s film credits include lead roles in the critically acclaimed feature “Resilience” and the award-winning short “Chronicles of Impeccable Sportsmanship. Julie’s television appearances include “Close To Home,” “Law & Order” and series regular on the Chicago Emmy-winning children series “Magic Door. She also has extensive off-Broadway, regional, and touring theater credits. She holds a BS from the Northwestern University Theater Department and attended the Writing for the Media program. Julie has been on the board of the Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance (NUEA) West, where she produced a series of Short Film Nights as well as the first edition of the live talk show “Low Down with David Downs” with guest John Logan. She has also worked as a teaching-artist in NY and LA public schools and Los Angeles area shelters for homeless teens. Julie is represented by BKI International Agency (323-874-9800)​.

SAG/AFTRA, "Daisha"

A native of Los Angeles, hometown of Inglewood, this Spelman College graduate never saw herself acting. She began as a trained dancer at the age of 6 and continued to perform throughout her college years hoping she'd be in some famous dance company by now; except she got bit by the acting bug. The statuesque beauty was always pegged as a model. So she pursued modeling. With her lengthy, athletic legs she gained success as a runway model for local hair and fashion designers. You may still catch her in a fashion show once in a blue moon. But acting is where her passion gravitated. She's appeared in numerous television commercials and reputable film and television shows to date. Most recently “Pushing Daisies” and “Carpoolers” for ABC. Her most memorable role of a lifetime was playing STORM from the original X-men comic book series ... in a theme park!  Go figure!  So stay tuned – Taji is a coming attraction to a screen near you. Represented by Lara Rosenstock Management (323-512-2002).

SAG/AFTRA, "Buddy"

David has worked in film, television and theatre. His film roles include “Oranges,” “Damaged,” “Godstory,” “Gotta Make ‘Em Angels,” “Wed. Night Save the World Society,” and “Modern Vampire Killers. On television he has guest starred on “The Shield,” “Wanted,” and “The Guardian. He had a recurring role on “Joan of Arcadia” and co-starred on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His work in theatre includes plays such as “Frozen,” “The Tempest,” “Swampland,” and “Perverse Tongue. He was an LA Weekly nominee for Best Lead Performance in the play “Grendel. Represented by Ashby/Rojo Entertainment (310-286-7043).

SAG/AFTRA, "Maude Lee"

Helen’s film appearances include George Clooney’s “Good Night and Good Luck” (Mary) and the Alan Parker-directed “Shoot the Moon,” in which she played the “dreadful lounge singer/pianist. The short comedy “Being the Tooth Fairy,” which she wrote and starred in, screened at the 2007 Los Angeles Shortsfest. On TV she has guest starred on “West Wing,” “NYPD Blue,” “That’s so Raven,” and co-starred on “Arrested Development,” “My Name is Earl,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and many others. She has also spent 60 years acting in more than 200 plays, most recently “Back Roads,” one of the celebrated Car Plays performed in an LA parking lot. She also has a one-woman show of original comedy songs and scenes which she performs when the spirit moves. Represented by Defining Artists (818-753-2405) and by CESD (310-475-2111) for commercials.

Set in 1970 when America was just emerging from desegregation...

Director, Writer, Producers, and Designers

Grant has more than 14 years experience in all areas of television and film production. He has worked for MTV, Urban Box Office, BRAVO, A&E, ABC, Habitat for Humanity, and Michael Moore among others. He currently finished producing "Touch the Wall," a documentary on the Olympian swimmer Sissy Franklin.

His short film "Ruben" was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival, along with more than 30 other film festivals and garnered two nominations, Best Short at Deauville Film Festival and Jury Award at the Newport International.

As a result of his film and environmental interests, Grant founded www.earthprotect.com
Writer and Executive Producer
Gayla's short film, €"A Pig'™s Ear," is her first short film. It is based on her experiences as a VISTA volunteer in eastern Tennessee after graduating from Northwestern. She teamed and lived with another VISTA volunteer, Jeddie Lu "Jet" Black. The folks in Appalachia were not too sure what to make of these two "foreigner" women – one a college-educated Yankee and the other a Southern African-American –coming to "help" them.

​For more info, go to "About Gayla" on this website.

Connie is a business development and strategic planning professional with particular strengths in multi-media and feature film industries. She has experience and in-depth knowledge of story development, production and strategic partnerships.  Throughout Connie’s career, she has pursued her passion for film and has an in-depth knowledge of both the business and creative aspects of the industry. She began her career in the game industry working for such companies such as Sega and Namco. There she cultivated numerous computer skills, mastering three-D animation and becoming the lead effects animator on Paramount Pictures Virtuosity.

Chosen as one of 50 students to attend UCLA’s prestigious Producer’s Summer Program, she began developing content for film and television. Connie also holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and graduated cum laude from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts.

After graduate school, Connie was chosen as a manager candidate for Artist Management Group where she analyzed scripts for marketability, demographics and character for clients such as Robin Williams and Samuel L. Jackson. After which, she went onto POP.com as Manager of Business Development for the on-line entertainment unit of DreamWorks SKG and Imagine Entertainment. Following POP.com, she was recruited by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as Senior Strategic Relations Manager focusing on the animation and special effects market.
Production Designer

Alethea grew up building sets and working in the theater as an actor, teacher, director and set designer. She is now a full-time production designer living and working in Los Angeles. She works on commercials, feature films, and music videos bringing the director’s vision to life.

Her claim-to-fame is her work as the production designer on the 2006 Oscar-winning short film, “West Bank Story. As a designer, she lives by the code: “If you can dream it, she can build it.”

Since "A Pig's Ear," she has directed other shorts, TV shows, and the feature film, "Part Time Fabulous."
Costume Designer

Ann Major has designed costumes for film, television and theatre. She embraces any opportunity to help tell a story and describe a character through costume. Her credits include “General Hospital,” “The Wonder Years,” “State of Grace” and “Hannah Montana.”
Other Crew Members
EDITOR / Damien Michael Smith
STORY EDITOR / Joe Rounseville
1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR / Mick Breitenstein
STEADICAM / Justin Painter Rentals
GAFFER/KEY GRIP / Curtis Pepper
SOUND MIXER / Dan Peterson
WARDROBE / Ann Major
TRANSPORTATION / Jeffrey W. Hartsough, Collins Takamoto
INSURANCE / Kelly Rubin/David Hoffman,
ACCOUNTING / Yvonne Nguyen, KH Consulting Group
AMERICAN HUMAN SOCIETY / Cheryl Kearney, Jami Lovullo, Rebecca Golland, Erin L. Shelley

Other Cast Member
THE PIG / Romeo as himself

Shot in Topanga Canyon in 1.5 days, including exterior shots, interior shots, and driving shots.
Song by Chris Smither
Chris Smither is an American folk/blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter. His music draws deeply from the blues, American folk music, and modern poets and philosophers.

His first album was "I'm a Stranger Too!," followed by "Don't It Drag On," "It Ain't Easy," "Another Way to Find You," "Happier Blue," "Up on the Lowdown," "Small Revelations," "Drive You Home Again," "Live as I'll Ever Be," "Train Home," "Honeysuckle Dog," "Leave the Light On," Time Stands Still," Lost and Found," "Hundred Dollar Valentine," and "Still on the Levee." Smither continues to tour worldwide, performing at clubs, concert halls, and festivals in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia.
A profound songwriter, Chris Smither draws deeply from the blues, American folk music, modern poets, and philosophers. Reviewers continue to praise his dazzling guitar work, gravelly voice and songwriting. “Smither is an American original – a product of the musical melting pot and one of the absolute best singer-songwriters in the world.”—Associated Press.

Screened at 15 Festivals

  • Cannes Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival
  • Los Angeles International Short Film Fest
  • La Femme Festival, Beverly Hills CA
  • Pittsburgh (PA) Three Rivers Film Festival, screened 4 times
  • Taos Shortz Film Fest, Taos NM
  • Syracuse International Film Festival NY
  • Palm Springs Film Festival Market
  • San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, Official Selection
  • Washougal International Film Festival, Portland OR
  • Wild Rose Independent Film Festival by AiresWorks Entertainment, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Appalachian Film Festival, Huntington WV
  • Available at the Skokie (IL) Public Library
Log Lines in Foreign Languages
EL OÍDO DE UN CERDO:  En un lugar de Appalachia en el año de 1970, una anciana obstinada y su hijo oprimido tratan a dos enfermeras a una forma extraña de hospitalidad indicativa del Sur de los Estados Unidos. (Spanish)

猪的耳朵:在七十年代的啊破啦其亚,一个坚定的老婆和她被压迫的儿子以一种奇怪的南方好客来款待两个公共健康护士。(Mandarin Chinese)

SCHWEINEOHR:  In den siebziger Jahren, in den Appalachianberge, zeigen eine trotzige alte Frau und ihren unterdrueckten Sohn zwei Gemeindekrankenschwester eine besondere Art von Gastfreundschaft. (German)

L'OREILLE DE COCHON:  Placer en années 70 Appalachia, une femme âgée têtu et son fils opprimes traite ses infirmières d'une forme peu commune d'hospitalité du sud. (French)

TAI HEO:  Chuyện xẩy ra vào thập niên 70, taị vùng núi Appalachia hẻo lánh phía Đông-Nam Mỹ. Một bà lão bướng bỉnh, kỳ thị mắc bệnh tiểu đường tới giai đoạn nguy hiểm, sống vơí người con trai lạc hậu, được 2 nữ cán sự y tế viếng thăm. (Vietnamese)

УХО СВИНЬИ:  Набор в Aппaлaшие в 1970-ых, упрямая, пожилая женщина и ее угнетенный сын предлагают необычный тип южного гостеприимства двум медсестрам здравоохранения. (Russian)

PRASECI UCHO: V sedmdesatych letech v Appalachia, tvrdohlava starsi zena a jeji deprimovany syn cti dve zdravotni sestricky neobvyklou formou jizni pohostinnosti. (Czech)

URECHEA PORCULUI:  Spus în Appalachia prin 1970, o femeie bătrină şi încăpăţînată şi fiul ei opresat a tratat două surori de la spitalul public într-o formă neobişnuită ospitalităţii din sud. (Romanian)
Set in 1970s Appalachia, a stubborn, elderly woman and her oppressed son treat two public health nurses to an unusual form of Southern hospitality.
Written by Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough

For more information, contact:

A Pig's Ear

Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, Ph.D.
KH Consulting Group
Gayla Films of KHaos Production Div.
1901 Avenue of the Stars
Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067

[email protected]
The American Humane Association monitored the animal action. No animal was harmed during the making of this film. (AHA 01396)