Family Affair

One-Hour, Family Drama TV Series

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FAMILY AFFAIR is about two financially struggling families, who join forces to buy their dream home, 
but along the way they discover family dynamics are even more difficult 
when dealing with two husbands, two wives, and two daughters, especially when they prefer the other family to their own.

The Creators and Writers

Valérie A. Brotski
Val’s background in television production and in the writers’ room has given her a unique perspective on how to keep storylines grounded and character-driven. An east coast transplant from Charlottesville, Virginia (UVirginia) by way of New York, Valerie studied television and screenwriting at NYU and UCLA. Many of her TV pilots, both dramas and comedies, have placed in semi- and quarterfinals of competitions. She has been a Second Rounder in the Sundance Episodic Story Lab three times for her dramas HOUSEWIFE MURDER PORN (2017), FLIGHT RISK (2016), and YOUTH (2015). DIARY OF A SOCIOPATH was a finalist on the 2016 WriteHer List and her series, PSYCHO KILLER, is currently in development with Michael Rosenberg/RoseyTV.

In L.A., her television career began as the assistant to a line producer at Fox Studios. She worked on several single-cam comedies: THE LOOP (Pam Brady and Will Gluck), UNHITCHED (Farrelly brothers), and THE OFFICE (Greg Daniels). She was hired as a writers’ assistant on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Marc Cherry), where she had two episodes produced. She wrote and directed a comedic short, MALE LESBIAN. She is a member of the WGA, WGA Committee of Women Writers, and UVirginia Entertainment Los Angeles (UVAELA) Writers’ Group.
Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough
In addition to Gayla's feature film scripts and short films, she has written TV pilots for and created three TV series, including CULT KILLERS, HELOISE+ABELARD, and FAMILY AFFAIR.

​Gayla and Val met through the UVirginia Entertainment Los Angeles (UVAELA) Writers’ Group, where they have collaborated on multiple writing projects during the last 5 years. Val and Gayla have had pitch meetings together on their TV series concepts with FanFare Productions; Hypnotic; Timberman/Beverly; RoseyTV; JuVee Productions; and Momentum TV. 
Relevant and Timely
FAMILY AFFAIR examines the challenges of raising children in a combined household and how the two families in question manage to survive infidelity in both marriages and find a way to preserve the family units and friendships.

Set in present-day Pasadena, California, the two families in the TV series are middle-class and struggling like much of America to make ends meet. Their solution to combine their resources and households provides them with real benefits (reduced financial burden, extra sets of hands to help with housework and child rearing, and additional adults for adult-conversation). With the new benefits also comes the challenges – more opinions to consider, different ways of tackling problems, the threats of jealousy, lack of privacy, and more conflict. In the #MeToo era, these parents struggle to raise independent and strong teenage girls who themselves are grappling with their own identities – a comedic and oft misunderstood nerd and a popular, biracial lesbian.

FAMILY AFFAIR shows us how two families’ friendships survive living with each other under one roof in our modern sharing economy.  
Meet The Families

The Fagan-Emerson Family​

    Tonya Fagan (30s)
    African-American, Lawyer, Baptist
    Confident feminist; star attorney Tiger mom, inept in domestic arts and work-life balance Big spender
    Matt Emerson (40s)
    Caucasian, School Librarian, Agnostic
    Intellectual equal to Tonya Into music, books, fine wine, and gourmet food Grounding force in family
    Billie Fagan-Emerson (15)
    Biracial, Popular Student
    Athletic; captain of her swim team “Beauty queen” reputation Confused about her sexuality
    Jennifer Vogel (30s)
    Caucasian, Unitarian, Artist
    Popular art teacher; dreams of being a “real artist” Peacemaker Frugal thrift store shopper
    Ryan Vogel (30s)
    Caucasian, Jewish, Entrepreneur
    Natural salesman Charismatic Struggling to grow his start-up biz Into sports and working out
    Sierra Vogel (12)
    Caucasian, Girl Moody & Boy Crazy
    Super smart and into science Student at school where Matt and Jen work Sisterly love-hate relationship with Billie

The Vogel Family

If interested in learning more, contact:

Gayla at [email protected] or (310) 203-5417
Noah Jones
Gersh Agency
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